5 Major Cosmetology Industry Trends in 2018

The cosmetology industry is a never-ending source of beauty tips and trends that can be difficult to keep up with. New trends seem to arrive on the scene every year, making it almost impossible to always know what's hot and what's not.

Cosmetology companies are constantly introducing new products to the marketplace that you should know about, but might not have heard of. So what are the current hot trends in cosmetology? Let's take a look!

If you're serious about starting in the cosmetology industry, it's essential that you keep up with the latest trends. Here are the top 5 major cosmetology industry trends of 2018 thus far.

Environmentally-Friendly Packing and Products
As consumers become more conscious and serious about going green, many industries are beginning to take notice and shift their businesses strategies accordingly.

Consumers who are serious about eco-friendly lifestyles want to reduce the amount of plastic they buy, the amount of water that gets wasted during production, as well as to reduce the amount of wasteful packaging that ends up in landfills. Smart companies are listening to their customers and producing products and packaging that ultimately do more good than harm.

Gender Neutral Beauty
Research on cosmetology shows that beauty is no longer necessarily defined by gender. For some time now many fragrances have been successfully marketed as unisex. Now the same is happening with skincare and hair products. As "His and Hers" products become a thing of the past, brands like Aesop and Deciem will appeal to those more concerned with product performance than how they are marketed to one sex or another.

Believe it or not, masks aren't just for your face anymore. Thanks to advances in dermatology, as well as a more self-aware buying public, some very body specific masks have emerged onto the market in recent years. These are masks that target specific aging issues such as your breasts and arms, and even your lips and cuticles.

Skincare for Active Women
It can be confusing to know what to wear before or after exercise. For this reason, several brands have introduced skincare exclusively for active women. Brands like Clinique Fit and Pretty Athletic are perfect for keeping in your gym bag and work great at reducing clogged pores and skin redness.

Keeping Up with What's Hot in the Cosmetology Industry
The cosmetology industry is fast moving. Trends come and go, so it's hard to keep up. There are a ton of exciting trends that you don't want to miss out on, so be sure to study this list to find the latest and greatest trends that will help you keep looking and feeling your best.

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