Easy Rope Braid Updo Tutorial

The Easy Rope Braid Updo is a classy hairstyle that is suitable for a daily professional look and even goes well with the evening outfit you plan to wear to your friend’s birthday bash. The hairdo involves the following steps:

  1. Part your hair into three ponytails, all of them lined vertically.

  2. Separate the first ponytail into two locks and twist two segments towards the right before crisscrossing to the left. Continue twisting in one direction and crossing in the opposing direction till you reach the end of the first ponytail.

  3. Repeat the process on the other two ponytails.

  4. Loosen the three braids to give them a little volume.

  5. Twist each braid in an 'S' pattern and fix using pins.

  6. Interweave the leftover lengths and secure with pins.

  7. Step out and show off your new chic look!