Fringe (AKA BANGS) How to communicate with your stylist.


Your stylist knows them as fringe. You know them as bangs. Overcoming the language barrier is the first key to uncovering the right bang for you.

Many have dreamed of razor sharp, blunt fringe, or wispy, side swept locks, but few have the courage to take the next step and make the full commitment to a new look.


We sat down with TONI&GUY USA Creative Director Austin Finley to understand what we need to know before tying the knot with our new bangs.


We started with one of the broadest questions (some hairdressers might snicker at) “What will look good on me?”


Austin’s short response “What is your goal?”


We quickly learned that being able to tell your hairdresser what you want, what your daily routine is, and what you are willing to do, will have a big impact on your hairstyle, especially your signature new bangs.


Q: “What is the benefit of getting bangs?”

A: “Fringe (aka bangs) is the quickest way to do a complete style change without cutting off all of your hair.”

Q: “What is the most important factor when considering getting bangs?”

A: “ Find out if you are a candidate for fringe (aka bangs). Start by telling your stylist what you don’t want. Keep it simple. It really helps if you know what you want. Show photos and try to find pictures of people with a similar hair texture. If you don’t know what you want, you can ask for suggestions, but the final decision has to be yours.”

Q: Any tips before making the commitment?

A: “If you want to do something to change your look, you should try it. You only live once. Who knows, you might be the hottest (girl) you know.”


With anything, confidence is key. Wearing your new look with confidence, whether it is fringe or not, is essential to pulling it off. If you have ever found yourself saying “Wow, I wish I could try that!”, maybe it’s time you did.