Hair Tutorial: Voluminous Bobby Pin Editorial

Many women struggle with hair styling especially when it comes to selecting the perfect accessories for their hair. However, one can never go wrong with bobby pins. They are the most versatile and functional accessories that can be used for almost any purpose.


Not only can you tame your unruly locks with these pins, you can also use them to create and hold the volume. You can easily create volume for normal to thinner locks by following a simple tutorial. This technique can increase your root volume and save you from the flat look we all dread!


This hair tutorial is by Rachel Brumbaugh, the regional director at TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy and a highly accomplished hairdresser.


The simple step by step tutorial is quick and easy, and you can instantly kick up your street style with this editorial inspired by bobby pins. Increase your hair volume with this simple step-by-step routine that is no less than a red carpet look.



Today we are going to have a detailed look at one of the bobby pin looks. The look we are demonstrating shows off bobby pins more than we are normally used to. Rather than hiding bobby pins all the time, this new style will show them off in a quick, easy and sophisticated look.


Prepare: It is best to wash and blow dry your hair to have a neat look


Part and Tuck: Start by parting your hair sideways. Tuck the hair behind the ear leaving a little bit of hair out so that you can give a soft touch to your look. That remaining portion of hair can be tucked back later.


The Texture Trick: Now, you have the option to create your hairstyle using either side of the pin. Despite all your effort, you have been using the little genius wonder, the bobby pin wrong all your life. They usually slip, slide, and move around and not knowing where they wind up is a completely different story! In order to create a little more texture, use the rich side up for the hairdo. You can also flip it over and do the smooth side up, depending on what kind of look you are trying to create.


Slide and Secure: Slide the flat side of the pins down to create a track of hairpins that will go all the way to the back of the ear. The aim is to hold down that side and give it a flat look in order to create a contrast when the volume is created on the other side. The remaining hair on the other side of the partition will be left loose for a sleek but voluminous look.



The Final Touch: Finish it off with a little hairspray and you are ready to go. Because of the waves in the hair, there is a perfect contrasting look of flat and volume in a single hairstyle.


Make It Even Better

Volumizing hairspray will keep the style hold for longer. Make sure your locks are properly washed and completely dry before you begin.


This hairstyle itself is quite edgy and funky and you can rock absolutely rock it on a fun night out. Make it even more interesting by using colorful bobby pins. You can even use fancy studded bobby pins and pair this hairstyle with an evening gown. It is simple, quick, and absolutely creative. All you need is a pack of bobby pins and a few extra minutes.