TONI&GUY Coeur d’Alene Academy is Open!

TONI&GUY just announced that their Coeur d’Alene Academy is now open, reinforcing their image as one of the leading brands when it comes to both styling services and beauty and cosmetology education.

The chosen location is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho which already houses a lot of faithful brand admirers of TONI&GUY.

The brand first came to America back in 1985, when Bruno Mascolo moved to America to establish a base in Dallas, Texas, with a goal of developing a stateside existence. Since then it is famous for taking pride in bringing high-quality and comprehensive cosmetology education to the country, which focuses on all areas of the hair industry with styles, trends, techniques, tools, products and more.

The company is very excited about opening one of their academies in such a bright, vibrant and culturally rich community where their name is already known for their techniques and state of- the-art facilities.

This academy will enable residents of Idaho and neighboring states to benefit from courses and long term education in makeup and hairstyling. The students who complete different courses from TONY&GUY are sought after by salons located across the country.

The alumni of TONY&GUY are offered numerous employment opportunities as they are looked after by a skilled team of directors and instructors. With utmost importance given to career building, these TONY&GUY produce entrepreneurs who are known to steer themselves into the spotlight.

Another student from Rhode Island has exclaimed, ”TONI&GUY not only educates you on the most current trends in the hair industry but also makes sure you succeed! I am honored to have been able to attend a facility that feels more like a family or a home than a school.”

TONI&GUY’s cosmetology program concentrates on teaching eleven classics cuts and nine color techniques, along with basic training in makeup and skin care. They also offer their students valued personal and professional development, product knowledge and salon experience.

With over 50 salons and academies across the U.S. and Canada, the chances for the alumni to grow as part of the TONI&GUY family reaches unchallenged heights. TONI&GUY prefer hiring their own alumni, continuing to foster talented cosmetologists from an academy to salon and beyond.

According to one of the founders, TONI&GUY want to take students beyond the ability to simply pass the state boards required for them to practice their trade. The hairdressing industry favorite, TONI&GUY has won 60 British Hairdressing Awards and 113 product awards. Visit our new academy today!

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